How To Stay Focused On Pinterest

How To Stay Focused On Pinterest

Here is a very simple method that I use to fill my Pinterest timeline with images and information that are relevant and inspirational to me.

When I use Pinterest for work and research I set a timer.  This is important to me because I am easily distracted and will spend hours down the Pinterest rabbit hole.  Once I am focused I follow this method: 

Search, Pin, Follow

How To Stay Focused On Pinterest, pinterest logo
  • Search for something relevant to your focus or task
  • Pin it on an appropriate board
  • Follow the board suggestion 

I find that I am spending less time unfollowing boards that are irrelevant to my interests. This method also ensures that my timeline is full of interesting content that I would possibly never find by following just my friends from Facebook and Twitter (as per the suggestions provided by Pinterest).

Let me know what your tips are for getting the best out of Pinterest.