Recommended YouTube Channel - Family Gamer TV

Here on Geekalicious I am going to run an occasional feature recommending YouTube channels. This first feature is a video-game channel with a difference. You can find the team on their Family Gamer TV YouTube channel or as catch Andy as @GeekDadGamer on Twitter. 


My name is Andy Robertson and I run a YouTube video-game channel with a difference. It’s aimed at parents as well as children. We cover video-games using real families to get an honest opinion of what works (and what doesn’t) for different age groups.

Recently I realised that there wasn’t an easy way to stay up to date with the latest video-game news for parents so we started a weekly news show just for mums and dads. The latest episode is available here:

We are also working on bringing updates on the new Skylanders Trap Team (YouTube link) and the new Disney Infinity (YouTube link) games. If you have people in your family who play video-games, or play games yourself, and want a ready made community of other families to swap notes with why not check us out. We’d certainly look forward to hearing what games have worked for you.


If you fancy having your YouTube channel featured here please get in touch.