Male v Female: Battle of the sexes online

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We all use social media in different ways. It might be for getting in touch with friends, talking to relatives from far-off lands or simply letting the wider world know what our thoughts are on certain topics. The advent of social media has helped to transform the way in which we communicate, but do men and women differ in their use of such sites?

A survey by Ladbrokes Bingo showed how men and women use social media, and there were a few glaring differences in terms of site choice, what they used it for and how it affects them in day-to-day life. The most eye-popping statistic to come from the survey results was that men were four times more likely than women to stalk someone online, usually via social media channels.

The look of love?

Regarding the issue of online stalking, men are more likely to stalk a love interest. As for women, it seems that they’re far more likely to stalk either a love rival or, more disturbingly, a partner’s ex-lover.  Fortunately, that’s not all the net is used for these days. Social media is exceedingly popular among both genders, but each gender has their favourites.

Women are most likely to use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. By contrast, guys tend to choose LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. The female choices are seen as more creative and geared towards artistic types, while the male social media channels of choice seem to be more straightforward and business-like, especially LinkedIn which is meant to help boost employment prospects.

Forgetting their netiquette?

As well as stalking, there are numerous other traps which people can fall into while online. Illegal downloading is one, but it seems that women in particular tend to turn it down – 80% said in the survey that they had never downloaded any files without prior permission. The percentage isn’t quite as high for men, but they are more likely to affect their career through use of social media.

When it comes to something less punitive but still rude, using your smartphone or tablet while watching TV can be a bit wasteful and ignorant, can’t it? Many use a second device to communicate while the telly’s on, but half of women do this. Perhaps this shows that the net could be partly responsible for a lack of communication between couples and families, but we don’t know for sure.

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