What was the last question you asked Google?

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Do you ever ask a question in the Google Search box?

I do all the time.  Here are a selection of my recent questions:

  • Why won't Picasa import my pictures?  Apparently I had to select the 'small pictures' option in the View menu.
  • How do I add my blog to Bloglovin'?  You add the URL into the search box and Bloglovin' find the RSS feed.  Cool, huh?
  • How do I change the bitrate in Audacity?  This was for editing purposes for my radio show.  They've moved the Options button to the Export menu.
  • How can I train my dog properly?  This led me to a fantastic guy on YouTube whose methods really work (but our dog is still a lunatic!).
  • When did Friday Twiz start? I needed to know for bragging rights but TwBirthday gave me the answer.
  • What is EVOO?  I kept seeing this when looking for pasta sauce recipe advice.  I should have guessed that it's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shouldn't I?
  • How do I turn one page to 'landscape' in a Word document?  A brain fart moment but it's all about knowing where the additional menus are.

So humour me.  What was the last question you asked Google and did you find the answer you needed?