#PrestonGeekUp - Taking Responsibilty For Your Online Behaviour

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I have been hankering after a local geek meet for ages and have thought, on more than one occasion, that it would be a good idea to arrange something, but I just haven't had the time or  the contacts.  Preston Geek Up has to be the best kept secret in the world of Social Media.  The first I heard about it was after seeing a retweet from Liz (@Tech_Geek_Girl) so I immediately requested more information.

I spoke to organiser Jim (@JimBurns83), offered to speak and agreed a theme of Taking Responsibility For Your Online Behaviour.  Below are my longhand notes.  Please feel free to download them to use as reference, taking note of the Creative Commons licence attributed to it.

Preston Geek Up is a great idea and I'm definitely going back for more!.  If you were there, don't forget to stay in touch!


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