How To Get The Best Out Of Google Plus

I am really enjoying building my Google Plus audience and a new platform means new connections and new ways of interacting.

Recently, +Marie Mosley of Code It Pretty approached me and asked me to write a guest post for her mini-series about Why Bloggers Love Google Plus.

  • Part one is from +Elaina Newton who writes the foodie blog The Rising Spoon.  She tells us how to keep it real on G+ by using visual media, realising that you don't have a character limit and by taking advantage of the community spirit.
  • Part two is by yours truly.  I talk about taking time to explore the platform, growing an audience organically and I share five top tips to get started.
  • Part three is by +Marie Mosley herself.  She writes a love letter to Google Plus and reminds me where I first discovered her amazing blog and tutorials (via +Lisa Ding's Blogger Hangouts!).

What is great about this three-part mini-series is the fact that completely by coincidence we have all touched on similar features of Google Plus - mainly the growing communities and the fact that we were all early adopters yet still expanding our networks slowly and effectively.  If you're just starting out with Google Plus, these three posts are going to be a great source of reference and information.

You can find me on Google Plus as +Nickie O'Hara or on my +Geekalicious page.