How To Create Great Images For Pinterest

Pinterest is all about images.  If a picture catches the eye then the user is more likely to click through to read the article and repin.  If you are looking to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website having fantastic images is an important inclusion in your blog post.  

This tutorial shows you how to overlay text onto an image intended to draw people to your blog post. 

I switch between PicMonkey and Picasa (desktop version) to create my Pinterest images.  They use very similar methods to overlay text onto an image.  Here I am using PicMonkey to demonstrate.  Both editing programmes are free (although PicMonkey does have a paid upgrade available)


picmonkey main screen

  • Pick an image that relates to the theme of the post.
  • Upload your image to PicMonkey using the prompt on the main screen


picmonkey editing suite

  • Overlay your text onto the image and ensure the text is prominent and readable
  • Save the image to your computer (it will save as a new image instead of replacing the original)


how to make balloon flowers image
Example using the method
in this post
  • Insert into your blog post in the upper third.
  • Ensure you have a Pinterest-friendly blog if you want your images to be pinned
  • This image style is great for tutorial and recipe posts

If you do not want your images to be shared on Pinterest please have a look at my "Block Pinterest" tutorial