Geekalicious Recommends... March 2013

Welcome to "Geekalicious Recommends..." for March 2013. Here are my favourite geek and tech based posts that I have read this month.  As we have a long weekend here in the UK to celebrate Easter I have included a few more links than normal 



Twitter celebrated its 7th Birthday this month.  This Telegraph article was written in 2011 but the numbers are still pretty amazing.  Knowing how much Twitter has grown in such a short space of time, watching Tweet Ping has been pretty mesmerising.  See tweets from all over the world displayed in realtime on a map with Europe out-tweeting the rest of the world (I'm not even going to try and guess how many of those are mine...)

Here is a very to-the-point (and close to the bone) blog post from by @sharonGOONer detailing some Twitter rules and how to use Twitter.  Maybe she should team up with Anton Gartner who is ready to give up Twitter after posting 10,000 tweets and only managing to accumulate 15 followers?

On the All Twitter blog, they've been talking about the 25 terrible things you should never include in your Twitter bio.  It's genius!  I'm hoping that I've made none of those mistakes in my own Twitter bio but I'm a bit afraid to update or change it because I think I surpassed myself with this one.

Did you see the #DancePonyDance campaign run by Three?  This Second Sync article explains exactly how they got their viral campaign so right using hashtags, promoted tweets and embedded videos.

Google Plus

This post from Confluent Forms is from last August but still very relevant.  It talks about how Google is integrating its products with search engine results but it also champions Blogger as a blogging platform (hooray!)

I was bowled over by a G+ update from +Jens Graikowski who has come up with such a simple, yet effective idea for managing the content that he shares on Google Plus.
And, as you can see, I've also been using the Blogger/G+ integration tool to mention people you're connected with on Google Plus. 

I am currently trialing the Friends+Me cross-posting social media update facility.  I actually like it very much and will be expanding on it more soon here on Geekalicious.  It has helped with interaction on my three main social media platforms (I don't use LinkedIn) and increased the time I'm spending on Google Plus but I am still testing some of the settings to find out what works best for me and my followers.  I truly don't want to spam and/or update with unnecessary content.

All The Rest

I had been receiving an increasing number of 'complaints' that my Disqus commenting system wasn't available on mobile devices.  I got in contact with Disqus and they informed me that they have now updated their system to include commenting on tablets and phones.  You can find out how to implement that by following these instructions but you also need to switch off comments on Blogger.  You can do that by following these instructions 
As an aside, the @DisqusHelp team on Twitter are fabulous.  Give them a shout if you have any Disqus queries.

One of my favourite geek blogs - Social Media Examiner - highlighted some findings from the Technorati Digital Influence report and, surprisingly, blogs outrank social networks for consumer influence.  Now, a lot of this is down to clever Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but also the fact that many brands will send out samples to influential bloggers to reivew.  All the more reason for bloggers to retain integrity by posting truthful reviews rather than just positive ones.

This leads nicely into the post from the Cybher team which examines the ripple effect from the Interflora search downgrade (for more about Interflora see this post on the +Geekalicious page).  Cybher have gone into great details about the need for nofollow links when paid and the legalities of declaration.  If you conduct reviews and/or take sponsored content on your blog, it's important to keep up to date with the need for transparency.
(By the way, did you know that if you have a free Wordpress blog - - you cannot take on any form of paid or recompensed activity on your blog?  Read more about that here)

And, to finish, if you are a fellow blogger, I'm sure you will find yourself nodding through the whole of this comic from The Oatmeal.  It has also made me consider the value of comments on blogs in general.  I occasionally think about turning them off and inviting continued interaction over on Twitter/Facebook/G+ but I do enjoy the on-site feedback and conversation.  


I hope you have enjoyed these recommendations.  If you find or write an article that you would like me to include in the next round-up please drop me an email and I'll give it a read through.  I am always happy to recommend great blogs and enjoy finding new blogs to read.