Geekalicious Hot Tip : G+ Word Clouds

Because Google Plus is such a new platform it is hard to know what everyone is talking about.  How do you know if you have people in the right circles?  I have found a nifty little word cloud tool that draws in from any profile's posts and highlights their most used words.  Here is my word cloud:

word cloud, Google Plus, Geekalicious

You can view it larger here and the easiest way to create your own is to grab your own G+ profile ID code (the numbers in the address bar) and replace the numbers from my word cloud URL with the numbers from your G+ profile or page.  You can do this with anyone's G+ profile ID - just visit their profile page, copy the numbers and generate their word cloud.  Have a look at which words stand out the most and see if this helps you to organise your circles.

Leave me your word cloud links in the comments so I can have a look through them.

(PS.  to save your word cloud to use in a blog post hit the "save" option then right click and select 'save image as...' to save as a picture file on your computer)