Google Authorship : Get It Right!

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Claiming Google Authorship is important if you want your content attributed to your Google profile in Google searches.  After mentioning it on my recent post about using SEO effectively I received a few queries about which code to use.  I have broken it down for you here:
  • rel='author' is for G+ personal profiles
  • rel='publisher' is for G+ pages

The first step you should take is to link the correct 'rel' command to your public Google+ link from your blog.  If you link to your personal profile (as I do) then use the 'author' command.  If you link to your page then use the 'publisher' command. 

<a href="[profile url here]?rel=author">Find me on Google+</a>
<a href="[page url here]?rel=publisher">Find me on Google+</a>

Now you have to link your Google+ Profile to your blog so visit your Contributor To section on Google+ and add in your blog link.  Do this for each blog you write or contribute to.

Connecting your information in this way is registered almost immediately and you can see which information is publicly available using the Google structured data tool.  Anything that requires changing can be amended by selectinEdit profile from your own Google+ profile.

I hope you find this useful.  Let me know how you get on.