Geekalicious Recommends... November 2012

Geekalicious Recommends

Welcome to November's "Geekalicious Recommends..."  
Here are the geek and tech links that have caught my eye this month.

Firstly, Leila at Gamaroff Digital is talking about the quality of the Facebook 'Like' button for brands in her post entitled, "You'll Find My Fans Chilling In The Like Graveyard".  Her major point, executed by using the 'Win an iPad by liking our page' theory is expressed brilliantly when she says "...wouldn't it be better if you had a thousand Likes from people who were liking, sharing and commenting on your wall posts, than a hundred thousand from people who wanted an iPad but now hate your guts.  Focus on making Facebook a nicer experience for your fans and you'll squeeze more out of the little buggers."  But, as we all know, Edge Rank is making it far more difficult to experience visibility on Facebook without paying for it.  Between you and me, if I'm being truthful, as soon as I see the word 'Sponsored' under a brand link I make a point of not clicking on it to help them understand the 'promoted' feature better.


If you use Instagram you may have noticed that web profiles are being rolled out.  This means that you can socially link to your Instagram pictures via a weblink and share them with anyone online, rather than just those who use Instagram.  Social Media Examiner showcases this well .

Also, I found this post from Geek Is New Chic from last December which tells you How To Save Your Instagram Photos.  A great little tip if you're a fan of IG but want to use the filtered images for blog posts rather than push them to your IG stream.

Instagram have also issued official badges.  You can use their design or create your own.  Use these on your 'About Me' section or 'Connect With Me' section.  This tip was originally seen on the Cybher Facebook page.


Marie from Code It Pretty has been showing us how to create Pinterest widgets.  Her instructions are really easy to follow. I've tested this out in the sidebar here for my Unique Geek Speak community board and it works perfectly. If you want to be invited as a contributor to this board just let me know in the comments.  I'll need your Pinterest ID so that I can add you.

Also, did you notice the mention for Pinterest secret boards in the Social Media Examiner link?  If not, click again and have a look!


Do you fancy being able to download a full archive of your tweets?  Tech Crunch have summarised Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo's promise that this facility will be available by the end of the year although it does seem like a job that the engineers behind Twitter aren't happy about considering the (growing) popularity of Twitter.    Would you download your archive?  If so, what would you do with it?
(link via Rob Shoesmith)


And finally, I shall finish with this FANTASTIC video from Martin Shervington which demonstrates the best way to get started on Google Plus.  If you're interested in extending your profile on G+ it really is worth following Martin's tips.  


I hope you enjoy these recommendations. Also, if you have a blog post that you'd like me to include in the next round-up send me a link by email and I'll give it a read through. I'm always looking for new blogs to read and recommend.