How To Create Pages In Blogger

Pages are a fantastic way to provide important information to your readers and they can generate quick links to your "About Me" or "Contact Me" information.  You can use Pages in a variety of other ways such as to introduce a series that you write, to link to another webpage or even to display a few photos that you like.  
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On your Blogger dashboard you will find your Pages on the left hand sidebar.  Click the link and choose whether you want create your own page (as below) or whether you want the link to redirect to a different web address.

You will see the prompt "NEW PAGE" and "Blank page (Add Text and media)" or "Web address (Send readers to another web address).  To create a static page you will need to click the "Blank page" link.  The "Blank page" section looks very much like the dashboard where you would write a new post.  You have all the same facilities too.  Give your page a snappy title and be creative.

When you have finished creating your page PREVIEW it to see what how it will appear to your readers.  If you are happy with what you see, click PUBLISH.  Don't forget that you can add a search description just like you can in your blog posts.  This helps with your SEO (search engine optimisation).

After your page is published you will be given the option to display your Pages in three different ways
  • as blog tabs (just under your header) 
  • as a widget in the sidebar
  • not to display them at all and to link to them manually (see below for further information)

To create more pages, click "New Page" again and repeat the process. 

If you want a page tab to link directly to a web address then choose "Web address" and enter the correct URL when prompted.

To change the order of your Pages you can click on the light blue section to the left of the page name and drag into the correct order.  Again, from here you can change the placement of the pages and move them to "hidden". 


  • Your static page URL is permanent and will be drawn from the title of your page.
  • You can create your full quota of pages but choose to display a small number.  The "hidden" pages still exist and can be linked to by the direct URL.  Dashboard ~ Posting ~ Edit Pages ~ click "View" on the hidden page and copying the URL (web address) displayed in your browser address bar.  This is a great way to be a little bit different.  If you want to link to a page via an image you can find out how to do this on my "How To Make A Blog Badge" tutorial or my "How To Make Social Media Buttons" tutorial.  
  • You can delete any page (except the Home page) and start again but all links to that page will broken.  If you create a new page with the same name it will be given a slightly different URL incorporating numbers.

A version of this post first appeared on Typecast in May 2011.