What To Include On A Media Pack

When I designed my 'media pack' for Typecast (my other blog) I attempted to keep it short and snappy.  I wanted all the information on one page and it had to be relevant, both to the blog and to the person who I was sending it to. 

The ideal media pack will be no longer than one page long, have an example of branding and include all relevant information so that the prospective client has less opportunity to ask questions about your availability.  You want to be able to start a relationship with them as soon as possible.

Below is a stripped-down example taken direct from the media pack I send out for Typecast.  I advise you to keep a copy of your media pack in Publisher or Word so you can easily amend it and *create a .pdf version to email out.

Update it regularly and stay ahead of the game.

Media Pack Example

* To create a pdf, choose PRINT then select "pdf".  You can save this version on your computer.  You can also use an freeware download such as CutePDF which adds a converter into your list of printers.

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