Blogger Chat - Google Plus Hangout #2

Our second Blogger Hangout On Air was based around the use of social media and how much time we spend networking and attempting to drive traffic to our blogs.  Joining me in the Hangout were Emily Leary, "Helpful Mum" (Sian), Ruth Arnold and Sinead Safford.  Aly Hodge attempted to join us but had some technical difficulties and Helen Wills managed our admin this week which was an enormous help.

Some of the topics that were covered were social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook were the current favourites), the use of Google Plus as a blogger, StumbleUpon as a traffic generator, whether Pinterest was just for pretty things and is better?

Ruth's "Rule Of Three" is a really interesting one and something that we all resonanted with.  Emily had a really good point about the way in which platforms are used and how content is portrayed on them and Ruth used the photography community as a positive example of how Google Plus is working in a massively positive way.  StumbleUpon was noted as a great tool to find new web content and as a great source of traffic so it's really worth looking into how that works (shameless plug: StumbleUpon tutorial).   We closed with Sian's tale of how she got banned from Reddit (she's still waiting for her account to be reinstated) which concludes our chat with a really great message.

For the rest of the chat you can watch the embedded video (below) or view the hangout on my YouTube channel.  We over ran the 30 minutes slightly but it's worth grabbing a brew and having a listen.  It would be great to hear your feedback and also what social media platforms you find work (or don't work) for you.  GO FORTH AND +1 

Things I learnt this week:
  • The point from attendees last week about background noise was heeded.  I asked all guests to ensure that background noise was kept to a minimum and I think you could definitely tell the difference.
  • I found out that if I click on my webcam image it "locks" me (as the host) to the main screen.  This was also useful when I handed over to another participant as I could lock her image to the main area too.
  • One week I will work out when to start talking so that we actually hear the first few seconds of the Hangout.
If you would like to join in the Hangout On Air one week please let me know and I'll ensure you're invited.   You can