Blogger Chat - Google Plus Hangout #1

Born from an idea that Thursdays should be "Google Plus" day to help us find our way round the G+ Platform and to encourage the community aspect of blogging we (myself, Aly, Maggy and Chrissie) have agreed to host a half-hour hangout each Thursday evening.

This week I offered to host the very first hangout and I based it around "Top Tips".  The guests were asked to share their favourite tip for newbie bloggers and what had been the best piece of advice they had been given as a blogger.  We also moved onto how to manage blogging and social media, we touched on comments and then we finished with a discussion about what to do with old posts; leave them where they are as it is part of your blogging journey, re-publish them when appropriate or take them and rewrite them when you are short of content?

You can view the whole hangout here or watch below (embedded).  It is a bit "unprofessional" and I have already received some advice about how to improve the quality of the hangout which I'll share with the other hosts before the next one.  However, the content is really interesting and I'd love your feedback.  When you've finished watching GO FORTH AND +1.

You can find me on Google+ here - Nickie O'Hara.  Also, many thanks to my live On Air Hangout participants.  Here are the links to their Google+ profiles - Helen Wills, Emma Harris, Steph Curtis, Maggy Woodley, Claire Toplis.

But, in a technical sense, what did I learn from this hangout?
  • We need one host to keep the conversation moving and one admin person to field questions on the Hangout page and the YouTube channel.
  • Headphones seem to be the order of the day.  Some viewers have complained about the audio and echo.  I'm going to look into the value of headphones with and without microphones.
  • Microphones may need to be muted if people aren't talking to cut down on background noise.
  • A breakdown of how Hangouts work is needed (post in the making over the weekend) for participants and viewers alike.  Google Plus is such a new platform that we're all learning together which is why I think these Hangouts are going to be important.
  • I need to shut up once in a while.  It's not "The Nickie Show".