10 Ways To Become A Better Blogger

A while back I found my old website/blog.  I've been searching for it for ages using random keywords and old usernames.  It was on Yahoo Geocities and didn't appear to be cached.  Yes, it was that shit that even Google decided not to take screenshots of it.  But for some reason it has popped up in a very random place.  It's incredibly old because it says that my children are 10, 8 and 2.  The 10 year old is now 21!  Anyway, it has very garish pages - the type that make your eyes bleed - and one day, when I have rehashed all the good salvageable material from it, I may let you see it.

One part of the website, my obsession for cross-stitching is clear.  There are about six pages (that are still linked) with project ideas, jokes (!!), hints and tips and a little "10 ways to become a better stitcher" narrative.  We've all seen those "10 ways to become a better..." across the internet so, just to prove how adaptable they are, here are some of the "Stitcher Rules" cheekily rehashed into "Blogger Rules".

10 ways to become a better stitcher blogger
  1. Make sure you complete one design blog post before starting another.
  2. Banish dogs, cats, children, partners and anything else that's likely to make a mess cause a distraction from your stitching blogging area.
  3. Subscribe to a reputable magazine lots of blogs and you can't fail to improve your stitching own blogging.
  4. Surf the Net - it's packed with brilliant stitching sites blogs bursting with stitching facts great content.
  5. Teach a friend to stitch blog - you'll pass on your enthusiasm for stitching blogging, but you'll also go back over the basics yourself and unlearn any bad habits you've acquired.
  6. Master French Knots basic HTML.
  7. Keep a notebook to record what you have stitched and for whom random ideas.
  8. Organise your stitching cupboard draft posts or notebooks.  Frantically searching for a certain colour skein in a plastic bag idea on a scrap of paper does nothing for your sanity.
  9. Take a break from your stitching blogging to do something different and you'll return to it fully revitalised.  
  10. Cross stitching Blogging is addictive but don't set yourself impossible deadlines goals.  Just enjoy it!

Photo credit: TechFeb.com
This post was originally pubished on Typecast in August 2011