How To Create Meta Tags In Blogger

What are Meta tags?

Meta tags are invisible markers which communicate information about your blog or webpage and are an important part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Meta tags are used by web browsers and search engines to provide information about a web page.

Blogger has introduced an easy way to add a meta description to your blog.  You can find that in Settings > Search Preferences and I have a page about this on my Ask A Blogger Geek website.

Make a few preparations before you add Meta tags to your blog. 

Meta description - This is what you want people to read when your blog appears on a search engine.  When  Lee Smallwood lead the "Six Simple SEO Tips" webinar he shared a great tip: think of your meta description as a tweet (although you do have up to 250 characters in your meta description) - short, snappy, descriptive - this is the first chance you get to draw your audience in.
Meta keywords - You need to choose a few keywords which describe the content of your blog.  These help to anchor the SEO alongside the meta description.
  • My Meta description for Typecast is "Writing about parenting, real life and everything else in between"
  • My Meta keywords for Typecast are "typecast, i am typecast, parent blog, family, opinions"

These can be updated at any time to reflect what you are writing about.

Meta tags and Title tags have to be inserted into the <head> section of your template so you will need to navigate to this section:

On Blogger you will need to open your Dashboard, click the Template tab and then the Edit HTML option.

At this point it is a good idea to back-up your blog just in case anything goes wrong.  In fact, it is good practice to back up your blog on a weekly basis.  Click the "Download Full Template" link and save the file to your desktop.

Tick the Expand Widget Templates option and look for the opening <head> tag (this will be very near the top of the code).

Place your cursor at the end of the <head> command and hit Enter/Return
Use the following HTML code but with your own details:

<META name="description" content="The real side of parenting, opinions about real life and everything else in between." />
<META name="keywords" content="typecast,i am typecast, parent blog, family, opinions" />

  • Write your own description here
  • Write your own keywords here


It will take approximately 24 hours for Google to crawl the new meta information.  The meta description will then appear underneath your URL when appearing in search engines or as a sub-header when sharing your blog/website link on social media platforms such as G+ or Facebook.



  • Google only uses meta descriptions for the main URL.  Any sub-pages have their meta created by Google - usually the first 200-250 characters of the post which enhances the need for appropriate SEO if you want your article or post to be found.  Have a look at the webinar link for more information.
  • Incorporating a Title tag is useful too because this is the wording that is displayed when the cursor is hovered over a browser tab or when someone bookmarks your blog/website.  As you can see from the image, Blogger has already coded a <TITLE> section which draws directly from your settings (you can adjust these in the SETTINGS tab, BASIC section).  You can override this by using the following HTML:

<TITLE>your title here</TITLE>  

  • This is useful if you have a very long blog address or if your blog is known by a slightly different name to the actually URL (for example: I Am Typecast versus Typecast).