How To Create A Successful Facebook Fan Page

A lot of people are now using Facebook Fan Pages to promote their blog on Facebook.  But what do you do when you have created it?  How does it work as a positive marketing tool for your blog?  Here are my five top tips to make your Fan Page a success:

Organise your "Timeline"

The layout of your page is important as you need to make a good impression and have recent and relative information easily accessible.  Complete your "About" section and have your four most popular tabs/apps visible across the top of the page (you are allowed twelve apps in total).  Use the "cover image" option to regularly update the look of your page but read what is and isn't allowed on your cover photo and use a clear image or your branded logo as your profile picture.  Check your admin panel regularly to see what new activity has been taking place on your page and respond to messages.

Quick Tip:  Highlight an important update or blog post by hovering over the update and clicking on the star to make it wider or the pencil symbol to pin it to the top of your page. 

Import your blog feed

I use Networked Blogs for my blog feed.  Using the RSS feed from Feedburner it posts my new blog post almost at the same time as when the blog post goes live.

Quick Tip: Check your Facebook-to-Twitter links.  You can link your page to Twitter very simply by using the Facebook application.  All notes and status updates will post to your Twitter account automatically once you have linked them.

Apply for your unique Page name

Grab your unique page username and hone your Page URL.  When creating your page you will be asked to choose a 'name' for your page that will form part of the URL.  If you already have a page you can apply for this after you have 25 'likes'

Quick Tip: DO NOT ask people to 'like' your Fan Page as part of a promotion.  Facebook Promotional Guidelines state you cannot ask people to like your page, tag an image or like/comment on a Wall post as a compulsory condition of entry to a promotion.  However, you can still suggest that people 'like' your page so that they keep up-to-date with all your news.

Add ‘extras’

Make your Fan Page interactive by writing ‘notes’ or uploading photographs that have not appeared on your blog.   Everything that you write or upload to your Facebook Fan Page will be published using your page name (see the settings in Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Your Settings > Posting Preferences).  This ensures that there is no crossover between personal and blog profiles if you need to stay anonymous.  Share links with your Fans and write a new status update every couple of days.

Quick Tip:  Include relevant blog post or web links under a note or photograph.

Respond to comments

If someone leaves a comment under your blog post, photograph or note, reply to it or 'like' the comment.  Conversation and interaction is a two-way street.  Check your page regularly so that you won’t miss any comments.  The amount of new interactions are noted in the right hand sidebar of your page as a drop down menu called 'notifications'

Quick Tip: Create a Facebook Like box and display it on your blog.  This shows blog readers what is happening on the Fan Page and encourages them to “like” your page without even leaving your blog.

NOTE:  w.e.f. 30th March 2012 As the new timeline facility is introduced you will find that landing pages become obsolete unless you promote the exact URL of the tab.  You may still keep the landing page as one of your twelve header apps but having this facility is no longer a necessity for new visitors.

Create a landing page

A landing page is the first thing the visitor will see when they arrive at your Facebook Fan page for the very first time.  It is important to make a good impression and you can set any tab as your landing page in Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Default Landing Tab.  To create a specific landing tab you can use a facility called Pagemodo.  The landing page becomes the default page for new visitors and returning visitors who already like your page will be directed to your Wall.

Quick Tip: Layout your landing page simply and cleanly as new visitors will only spend a fleeting moment on your landing page.