Blogger Business Cards

Blogger Business Cards
Bloggers are encouraged to hand out business cards (or social media contact cards), especially at blog conferences.  It is an easy way to extend your branding and give out your details to new contacts.  But what information should you include on those cards.  I have two types of cards; a traditional sized business card which I ordered from Vistaprint and a a set of minicards from Moo.  Both include all necessary information and I have designed them myself.

Branding.  Your branding should extend across all social media platforms that you use.  Ensure that your header and/or your logo are displayed on your card so that you are easily recognisable in a pile of cards at a later date.  Maybe consider using a photograph of yourself too.  It is an instant reminder of the face-to-face contact at what might have been a very busy day.

Contact Details.  Remember to add your blog address, email address, twitter handle, facebook page and even your LinkedIn profile and phone number if you are a commercial blog.  You want people to find it easy to contact you at any time.

Use the back of the card.  Think about how your card is going to stand out from all the rest.  I use the front of my card for my branding and have the rest of the information on the back.  I have also included a QR Code on the back of my cards. 

Create a QR Code for your blog.  Most mobile phones now have a barcode scanner app and this is a quick way for new contacts to bookmark your blog or website for later use.  A QR Code can be generated from any URL and can be used in a number of ways.  I have mine as a 'secret' page on the blog and have seen them used to provide new customers with unique discount codes.  You can find out how to create a QR code on Geekalicious.

Give out your card.  I know I am stating the obvious here but find opportunities to give people your details all the time.  Blog conferences are the obvious opportunity but I have left them as bookmarks in books that I have taken to the charity shop or left in the book swap on holiday.


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