Best Merchant Account for Travelers

Running a business demands a lot of time and concentration, and that’s true of pretty much any industry. In today’s world, however, that does not mean that you have to stay in one place while running it. In fact, it is entirely possible to travel the world while running your business, and to do so well. The most important thing to consider in this situation is the kind of merchant account provider you select. You want a provider that is familiar with helping businesses grow, for example, and that works accurately and independently. Let’s take a look at how to find the best merchant account for travelers as well as how to find a portable credit card machine along the way.

What to Know

There are a few things you should know when selecting a merchant account provider for your business. First of all, you need to be aware that there is certain technology that you need to be successful. This is doubly true if you are a traveler. Things like a portable credit card machine, for example, can quickly become invaluable when it comes to accepting payments all over the world as you can keep your business profitable wherever you may roam. Look for a merchant account provider that offers this kind of technology.

A Good Value

You also want to make sure that you get a good value for your money. After all, you will be paying for this service – you deserve to find one that works well. Look for companies that offer incentives like a free online merchant account in order to help improve the cost effectivity of selecting their business.

Do you need a merchant account provider that can help you even when you are traveling? Merchant Account Solutions is a well-established provider that offers technology like portable credit card machines and can help you run your business no matter where you are.

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5 Factors That Make Dota2 Better Than Football

Hobbies can be defined as typically male and those for females. When we were kids, our dads went crazy about big sports, like football or basketball. These matches kept them around the TVs all day long.

Today football was put on the back burner with the Internet. Virtual sports have gained insane popularity. Such games as Dota2 turned in some kind of a new religion. Millions of people all over the world have united to play this exciting MMO and even make money on it. Here are five main factors that make Dota2 much more popular than any other virtual or real life sport:

Money and Societies

5 Factors That Make Dota2 Better Than Football
People do not only donate. They earn money on this game. The easiest way is Dota 2 betting, where one chooses a team and places a bet on their next match. Of course, it is important to be deeply acknowledged in all the rules and follow every team's movement.

Each item they get, any rotation they accomplish, influences team's balance and can change the results drastically. Professional gamers get paid for every match they win. Sums might vary from a few dollars to thousands.

It is important to understand that Dota is more than just an online game. Numerous societies all over the web have united gamers in teams. Professional players rent or buy whole bases where they live and practice.  Such establishments have strict rules and unbreakable schedules. Their main aim is upgrading gaming characters and winning as many matches as possible.

Accessibility and Excitement

Anyone who has a PC and Internet connection can join Dota club. Downloading a client takes about a few minutes. If you have no wish to play but love watching the others - hundreds of societies are waiting for you. Most of them run matches online.  Follow the latest news to find out where and when they meet. Gamers do it often to grab a beer or two and discuss their latest achievements or share the news.

5 Factors That Make Dota2 Better Than Football
Gamers never get bored playing Dota2 because of novelties. Developers offer new patches and cool items for sale. Some players regret there are no map extensions, others believe all fights differ pretty much because of their rivals' variety. It does not matter how well one might know this location - chances for victory change with every match.

Dota2 is definitely one of the most exciting games ever. It lets gamers discover their inner potential by showing off their strongest skills. Today it is more than just a game but a huge industry, which brings stable income to all: from developers to spectators.

Hundreds of teams all over the world have changed their lives thanks to this amazing online game. This is why virtual sport bets might become more popular than all other betting offers very soon.

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We Work An Entire Year To Pay For A Lifetime Of Christmases

The average British family spends £35,000 on Christmas across their lifetime, racking up £2,494 in interest alone, according to an analysis from ClearScore and economists, Cebr. This makes the lifetime cost of Christmas far higher than the average British annual salary of £28,000.

We Work An Entire Year To Pay For A Lifetime Of Christmases

Each year a substantial number of families use credit to make up for the extra Christmas spending. One in six families borrow nearly £700 (£685) each year to help cover festive expenses, with credit cards typically used to spread the cost of repayments across six months for average income earners.

However, Christmas ends up considerably more expensive for some: those borrowing £685 each year with a poor credit score could pay £3,259 in interest on top of their original debt across their lifetimes, whereas an excellent score reduces the interest paid by 46% to £1,766. This is because the best rates on credit cards are reserved by lenders for those that are seen as lower risk due to their higher credit scores.

Justin Basini, CEO and founder of ClearScore said, “Across our lifetimes we devote more than an entire year’s salary to the cost of Christmas. Inevitably, most of us use credit to help fund the festive period, so it’s important to keep your credit score high to avoid paying over the odds.”

Recent data from the Bank of England show that UK households are borrowing at the fastest rate since the summer of 2015, making it more important than ever to access credit at the cheapest possible rate. Outstanding consumer credit, which includes loans on credit cards as well as other advances and loans but not student loans, has surpassed £190 billion in October, a level last seen just before the financial crisis dried up credit markets in December 2008.

Kay Neufeld, Economist at Cebr, said, “The results of this analysis suggest that households should be aware of their credit score as well as their repayment plan for any outstanding loans. Household debt levels in the UK are rising quickly, fuelled by low interest rates and high consumer confidence. But the UK economy faces a challenging outlook for 2017 and past experiences have shown that economic shocks and rising unemployment can quickly lead to repayment issues or even defaults. If families decide to finance their Christmas spending through credit, they should make sure to get the lowest possible interest rate and pay off the loan as quickly as possible to keep interest payments low.”

Justin’s six tips to improve your credit score:

By actively managing your credit score, you will boost your chances of reducing your Christmas debt:

  1. Sign up to see your credit score – you can get can your free score and report at ClearScore and track your progress using our Timeline.
  2. Check your report thoroughly, regularly and always before applying for credit – report and correct any mistakes you see as this could be damaging your score.
  3. Make sure that your bank and any credit providers have your correct address.
  4. Ensure you’re registered on the electoral roll – this is a very simple way of boosting your score.
  5. Make sure that your name is on some utility accounts – the greater the evidence that you borrow and repay your credit regularly, the better your credit score will be.
  6. Your score will increase if you use a smaller percentage of your available credit limit.

For more information and tips on how to improve your credit score, head over to

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