How To Stay Focused On Pinterest

How To Stay Focused On Pinterest

Here is a very simple method that I use to fill my Pinterest timeline with images and information that are relevant and inspirational to me.

When I use Pinterest for work and research I set a timer.  This is important to me because I am easily distracted and will spend hours down the Pinterest rabbit hole.  Once I am focused I follow this method: 

Search, Pin, Follow

How To Stay Focused On Pinterest, pinterest logo
  • Search for something relevant to your focus or task
  • Pin it on an appropriate board
  • Follow the board suggestion 

I find that I am spending less time unfollowing boards that are irrelevant to my interests. This method also ensures that my timeline is full of interesting content that I would possibly never find by following just my friends from Facebook and Twitter (as per the suggestions provided by Pinterest).

Let me know what your tips are for getting the best out of Pinterest.

[REVIEW] Lumsing Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank

Every day we rely on our mobile devices more and more.  Whilst we are out and about we are texting, calling, using social media and this sucks the life out of the battery. Recently I have been trying out the Lumsing (harmonica style) portable power bank and I have to say that I'm very impressed. 

Lumsing Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank

What is it?

The Lumsing Portable Power Bank is an external battery and/or recharger for your mobile devices. Using this power bank you can recharge your phone or your tablet whilst out and about (e.g. over-night camping, at a festival, on a day trip).

What do you get?

Included in the package is the Lumsing power bank, a USB cable, a carrying pouch and a user guide.  The power bank weighs 12.5 oz and easily fits into your pocket or bag for 'on the move' charging. 

How does it work?

The power bank can be charged up via your computer using the USB cable or a wall socket (worth noting that to be used with an Apple device, you will have to use your own original cable) and the amount of charge held inside the power bank is displayed by a row of four blue lights (demonstrated in the image to the right). 

The power bank includes two USB ports so that two devices can be charged at the same time. The Lumsing also incorporates an auto-shut-off which kicks in when your mobile device has been fully charged or is unplugged from the power bank which saves the charge inside the unit. I used the power bank to recharge my tablet and my video camera and home then I blasted it back up to full charge. I took it out with me during a day out last week to recharge my phone a couple of times and the unit itself doesn't actually need recharging at the moment.

Show me more!

Here is a short video I made showing you the size of the power bank and some of the features. 

Visit the Lumsing product page on Amazon for more details and pricing.

Cyber online security: the facts

online security, factsThe growth and development of the internet has changed the world of the individual and the global economy. The internet allows individuals to communicate ideas to others across the world and also encourages further freedom of speech. Cyberspace has also changed the way governments are communicating with the country along with how news is distributed.

It is thought that by 2016 a total of three billion individuals will be using the internet however; the worrying thing is that the internet was not built with security in mind.

Whilst the internet provides a wealth of opportunities, no one polices it or monitors it making it unrestrained and full of freedom. This lack of control and policing inevitably leads to a number of growing threats and vulnerability to cyber attacks. In 2011 the UK alone suffered 44 million cyber attacks and this makes online security more important than ever.

Online security for businesses

Online security is not only important for the individual sat at home, it is also vital to businesses around the UK in order for them to prosper economically. Whilst the number of business security breaches has slightly decreased in the past year, the cost of the breaches has risen.

In fact 10% of businesses were so badly damaged that they actually had to change the nature of their business.

Both large and small businesses alike are vulnerable to security breaches with almost three fifths of businesses expecting to see more security problems in the coming year. It is therefore important that you protect your business or home with online security measures. Don’t think it’s important?

Here are some facts for you:

  • 81% of large businesses have had a security breach.
  • 60% of small businesses have had a security breach.
  • 16 is the average amount of security breaches a large business had suffered in the last year.
  • £600,000 is the average cost a security breach costs a large organisation.
  • £65,000 is the average cost a security breach costs a small organisation.

Malicious software

Whilst both large and small companies alike fall victims to security breaches, there is an increase in the malicious software being the cause of such attacks. Malware attacks are aiming predominantly at larger organisations:
73% of businesses have suffered from malicious software in the past year; this is an increase from 59% in 2012. Worryingly a further 24% of large organisations had found that outsiders had successfully entered into their network in the last year.
A large number of organisations both large and small are prioritising security and this is reflected in the increase in budgets assigned to information security.

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