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I have been hankering after a local geek meet for ages and have thought, on more than one occasion, that it would be a good idea to arrange something, but I just haven't had the time or  the contacts.  Preston Geek Up has to be the best kept secret in the world of Social Media.  The first I heard about it was after seeing a retweet from Liz (@Tech_Geek_Girl) so I immediately requested more information.

I spoke to organiser Jim (@JimBurns83), offered to speak and agreed a theme of Taking Responsibility For Your Online Behaviour.  Below are my longhand notes.  Please feel free to download them to use as reference, taking note of the Creative Commons licence attributed to it.

Preston Geek Up is a great idea and I'm definitely going back for more!.  If you were there, don't forget to stay in touch!


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How can we apply the success of Facebook to our blogs?

Facebook is one of the most popular concepts of the digital world.  It concentrates on connections and interactions and has developed into a platform on which to share stories and information.  In many ways, that is the same as blogging.  Here are four ways in which we can use Facebook's success and apply it to our own blog to help us stand out in the crowd. 

The Colour Scheme

Facebook uses a theme of blue in just a couple of shades to highlight the toolbar, links and conversations.  In an interview Mark Zuckerberg once said that it was because blue was considered to be a rich colour but the truth is that Zuckerberg is colour-blind and blue is the colour most easily seen by him.  

The success of the website proves that you do not need a rainbow of colour and a busy background to maintain a successful site.  It it good practice to remember that what you find appealing on a blog is not necessarily what the reader finds appealing (it is also worth considering your page layout too).  Also, all formatting and design is stripped when the blog is read in a RSS Reader (e.g. Blog Lovin or Feedly) or has minimal design when sent out by email.


Facebook is full of photographs; it's a way that the users share their news with family, relive nights out with friends and celebrate important events in their lives.  People change their profile photo and cover image to reflect their current mood and place in life.

Take this over to the blog by using images to reflect what is going on in your post, to help enhance the content and to increase engagement.  Make the images as enjoyable as the content using your own images where possible.  You can find free images from appropriate resources (i.e. Stock.xchng, Google Advanced Image search, Flickr advanced search for images that are Creative Commons licenced) and you should always credit the source.  

The Number Of Users

Facebook has an enormous monthly audience (1.15 billion monthly active users) and daily active users have been led to believe that they cannot even think of their lives without it.

Generally bloggers will not have to consider that level of traffic but if you create unique and engaging content, your audience will recognise your blog as the place to visit for that subject matter (advice, humour, discussion, etc), have it bookmarked and will actively watch out for updates.

Landing Page 

On Facebook you have the option to select a username for your personal profile or your page (check the settings options).  The three founders of Facebook have very simple web addresses.  Just type "http://www.facebook.com/4" into your web browser and you will be taken to Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page.  Typing /5 after the main URL will take you to Chris Hughes's page and /6 takes you to Dustin Moskovitz's page.

Having a custom domain makes your blog address easier to remember and gives an air of professionalism and it can also help with search engine optimisation (SEO).  You can also direct more than one custom domain to the same URL.  

Let me know if you have any comparisons to add.

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