How To Create Your Three Second Intro for You Tube

How to create your three second intro for YouTube
This post comes courtesy of a hat-tip from +Kate Sutton. We are in the process of building our You Tube channels and increasing engagement and decided it was time to add the 3-second intro video to our vlogs.

It is worth spending a bit of time planning the intro video as it acts as part of your branding process and makes you look more professional. Imagine your favourite programme without the familiar opening credit sequence. Not really the same, is it?

Once created and put into action, the intro video will automatically play at the beginning of every video you upload which negates the need for title cards when editing. One less job to do - that works for me.  I created my 3-second intro in Windows Movie Maker and Kate created hers in iMovie.  You can see exactly what they look like below.

Three Easy Steps To Set Up Your Intro

  1. Upload your three-second video and make sure it is "unlisted"
  2. Navigate to your InVideo Programming Page (Dashboard > Channel Settings > Invideo Programming, select "Add a channel branding intro" and choose the intro video you want to use (only eligible videos will be shown for selection at this stage)
  3. Choose which video(s) you want the intro to appear on. This could be all of the existing videos and new uploads or from a specific date forward.  

That's it! The video intro will be automatically added to new videos when you upload them.  You can change the intro at any point by uploading a new clip and repeating the procedure. It is also worth noting that this feature cannot be used for ads nor should it be used for sponsorship or product placement.

How to create your three second intro for YouTubeLet me know if you try this out and leave a link to your 3-second intro in the comments.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here and Kate's here

Update: 24th July 2014

I have now purchased a 3-second intro and a 15-second outro using Fiverr gigs and I recommend these two sellers but have a look around the offers to see if there's something else you'd prefer.
Intro from PromotionVideosOutro from Nigellus

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