[Infographic] You Are What You Tweet

I found this fabulous little tool on the Visually website which generates an infographic image of you based on your Twitter activity.  

Now, I created this on a Sunday morning hence the mentions of 'FridayTwiz' and 'Britain's Got Talent' so I suspect that the related topics may change if I generated another mid-week.  Also, the statistics towards the bottom of the infographic don't seem overly-accurate (0% for chattiness, enthusiasm and interestingness? Excuse me!!) But it's otherwise fairly accurate and a bit of fun. 

Go and create one for yourself (you have to be logged in to Visually and allow the app access to your Twitter account - you can always unsubscribe and remove permissions afterwards) and show me the results. You can leave your link in the comments here or tweet me @nickieohara.

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